Shaiya Exile

Welcome to Shaiya Exile-the longest running private Shaiya server. We released our long awaited new client , adding Kanos and other new maps. We also added 3 new custom weapons for each class and 3 new sets of armore for each class. Kills have been expanded to 3 million and now double the ranks , from 16 to 32.The farming maps have been updated now to VR and PR to enable you to get uber better.


Great PVP

Enjoy great PVP, with balanced classes.
And many PVP events done by the GM's
and Admins. Also Events for PVP 15 and PVP 30


Custom Content

Custom gears. Custom costume skins
with over 40 choices plus Custom weapons.



Server closing .

21 August 2018
: We are saddened to announce that we are going to close Exile permanently. The reasons are many , mainly because I mply do not have enough free time to engage the players and be in game enough to grow the server. There is not much to add to the game anymore and adding new items with better stats woul... [Read More]

Staff Policy

18 August 2018
: As some of you may have noticed, we have had some changes in staff. Also, if at any time, if a staff is rude to you or any other players, please notify me (Blitz) or Admin Bow or any Admin (Off_Hell , Pure) and I will make sure the complaint is taken care off. I will remove staff if I receive to... [Read More]

My deepest thanks

8 August 2018
: Thank you to those people ( you know who you are :) ) who helped us meet our goal last month of $270.00 to pay for Exile's host. Right now , we have almost $100 already, so only $170.00 left to go. Anyone who wants to help, send me or Bow a pm, and if you contribute $15 , we will give you any one... [Read More]

Video event in July 2018

2 August 2018
: Winners in July 2018: Kid XenaPrincess Harley Celzyus https://... [Read More]

Brighter Future

26 July 2018
: Update: Good News Exile Family!!! We want to thank our loyal supporters as Exile will stay OPEN. We understand this has been a tough time for us. Donations have not been flowing in as they should and we (Blitz/Bow) have been paying for the server to stay open out of our own bank account each month... [Read More]

Starter Gear

18 July 2018
update on starter gear: As of 7/17/2018 the starter gear is now linked to help new players farm better. The weapons and accessory's are still clean but with the linked gear they will be able to farm VR/PR eaer.... [Read More]

Video event in June 2018

2 July 2018
: Winners in June 2018: XenaPrincess Xeo DK Celzyus https://www.... [Read More]

Hot new promos!

8 June 2018
: Killer Promos for June: $10 Donation - enter Promo Code BFR and receive 25 credits and a free 3-day Battlefield Rune $30 donation - enter Promo Code PVPDPS and receive: 75 credits and 255 STR , 255 DEX, 255 REC,255 LUC, 255 HP Undyings AND 255 Eteo cheese, 255 Zero CD Teles and 255 Zero CD TRR... [Read More]

Video event in May 2018

1 June 2018
: Winners in May 2018: Celzyus Xeo [Read More]


26 May 2018
Notice of ban and more: Any player caught ung this new or any modified game.exe will receive a 30 day ban and loss of half their kills. Obviously we will have a video to support the ban that all staff will see and be able to give their opinion. ... [Read More]
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