Welcome To Shaiya Exile. Please use the Menu on the left to navigate the site..
We are Shiaya's Longest running and most stable private server .
Online now now for almost 4 years!Check out some of our features:
Highly active server , with many active guilds.
DDOS Protected modded EP. 4.5 server , Choose from Instant level 15 , 30 , 55 , or 60.
Starter gear sets and weapons provided with new toon creation.
All needed items drop INGAME
Get the BEST Weapons by doing Quests. Best gear drops in DD1.No Donation needed.
Great PVP - Admin and GM regularly do fun PVP Events
Customized gear and weapons.
Custom skills and items like resurrection, healing,invisibility potions, custom fireworks,etc.
No high gold prices , trade is barter based. Gold is used for buying potions, runes, etc.
GM Extract at Blacksmith with GM Extraction Hammer
GM Link at Blacksmith with GM Linking Hammer
Custom Tags available from in game drops.
SPecial Farming Maps for new players to get linked.Farm SHAIYA letters, Force Lapises,
and Donation Point Coins from Fortune Bags on these no-kill farming maps.
Donation points drop INGAME.
Turn in SHAIYA letter sets for 2000 Donation Points OR GM Link.
Proelium PVP Zone modded to EP4.5 style , no lapises higher than a level 5 allowed, highest enchant in 15 is (10).

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