Shaiya Exile

Welcome to Shaiya Exile-the longest running
private Shaiya server!We are a Episode 4.5 game
with Ep 4.5 skills, but with EP5+ content!


Custom Content

Custom gears. Custom costume skins
with over 40 choices plus Custom weapons.


Great PVP

Enjoy great PVP, with many PVP events
done by the GM's and Admins
Also Events for PVP 15 and PVP 30




2 October 2017
We are running a special promo on MAXXED sets this month! You do not want to miss this great deal! Click the link here : MAXXED SET PROMO

Upcoming Events:

1 October 2017
Oct 14 - Admin Blitz will be hosting the weekly PVP Event this Saturday, raids will be created by Admin Blitz 15 minutes after GRB.

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11 February 2017


28 June 2016
Welcome to Shaiya Exile-the longest running private Shaiya server! We are a Episode 4.5 game,with Ep 4.5 skills, but we have Episode 5+ maps, gear and weapons. Shaiya Exile has been online now for 7+ years. We have a highly secure server, with DDOS protection, to ensure your gaming experience is protected. We have made it easy for new players to get linked up as all top items drop in game.We have 4 dedicated maps just for new players to get started ! We also will start you off with a pre-linked set when you create a new character. So come and join the fun and see why we are one of the most liked and longest running Shaiya servers out there !
Server Time (GMT +1)
Oblivion Insula
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