Shaiya Exile

Welcome to Shaiya Exile-the longest running private Shaiya server. We released our long awaited new client , adding Kanos and other new maps. We also added 3 new custom weapons for each class and 3 new sets of armore for each class. Kills have been expanded to 3 million and now double the ranks , from 16 to 32.The farming maps have been updated now to VR and PR to enable you to get uber better.


Great PVP

Enjoy great PVP, with balanced classes.
And many PVP events done by the GM's
and Admins. Also Events for PVP 15 and PVP 30


Custom Content

Custom gears. Custom costume skins
with over 40 choices plus Custom weapons.




20 May 2018
winners of the tournement: 132 Level 15 1 v 1 BoS Fury = Xeo. BoF Light =lence Level 30 Canceled due to not enough participants level 55 Canceled due to not enough participants Level 60 1 v 1 BoS = LittleFluffyBunny BoF Fury = Cute. 2nd Place light= amazing 3rd Place = WarLord 2nd Place Fur... [Read More]

Issues with Updater

20 May 2018
: Please use this link to download the newest updater if you are having an issue with the current one. [Read More]

1 v 1 Tournament

12 May 2018
Come Show your Skills: 1 v 1 Event Starts Saturday May 12th with level 15 after GRB followed by level 30 then 55 On Sunday May 13th We will do the level 60 1 v 1 starting time will be 1900 in game time Note:(Each Zone must have a Minimum of 4 players participating or event will be canceled for that zone) Prizes:... [Read More]

Happy 8th Birthday Exile

7 May 2018
12 Days Of Hell Shedule of Events: HERE IS THE Schedule of Events for Exiles 8th Birthday!! Upcoming Events ... [Read More]

Video event in April 2018

1 May 2018
: Winners in April 2018: Xeo DK. Nemo Harley [Read More]

Changes in costumes

29 April 2018
Removing the UEFA Costumes: In order to make more room for custom costumes we will be removing the UEFA costumes. If you have a permanent UEFA costume notify a GM and they will trade it for a different one. We apologize for the inconvenience ... [Read More]

Healer Daggers and Staffs

23 April 2018
Instructions on how to get it fixed: As you all know we changed all of the healer daggers and staffs to have absorption of 400 in them. If you get one from web mall or in a drop that does not say 400 absorption then here is what you need to do. 1.Put the weapon in an empty bag in your players inventory 2.Contact a staff member or adm... [Read More]

Video event in March 2018

1 April 2018
: Winners in March 2018: Vengeance Roxy Shen https://www.youtub... [Read More]

Absorption Lapises

27 March 2018
Update o abs: Today, I will remove all abs from all gears and weapons, again. I will make abs unlinkable and change the healer weapon level to 58 , so no one can lapis switch them to another weapon. If you extract any abs from a healer weapon, I will not re-link them for you. ... [Read More]

PvP Rank Reward Changes

7 March 2018
Changes made to rewards: Do to the rapid increase in players reaching max rank, we are changing the reward for 3 Million Kills. Now you will receive the Level 60 Option 2 Donation package as your reward. This will give you a new completely Maxed set and some other items as well. We hope this new reward will be suffici... [Read More]
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